Muscat speedway:

Muscat speedway offers a fleet of leisure karts that deliver an excellent racing experience by ensuring high safety specifications, to satisfy everyone. The fleet offers a comfortable driving position, to level performance and handling which ensure equal acceleration, guaranteeing that all clients have the most competitive kart available.

Karts are also equipped with transponder to automate timing and scoring system providing an accurate starting grid during qualifying. This updates the displays by laps competed, gap between karts and fastest lap. In the end of each session, drivers are able to compare lap times.

Opening Hours:
– Monday to Saturday: 4:00 PM – 12:00 Midnight
– Closed on Sundays.
– Please call +968 2451 0239 or +968 9659 0300 prior to arriving at Muscat Speedway to check on track availability.
– For further inquiries and bookings, please call +968 2451 0239 or +968 9659 0300.

Detailed Information of what Muscat Speedway has to offer you

Arrive & Drive Adults:

  • 15 mins (SODI RT8) – OMR 12.000
  • 15 mins (DINO) – OMR 10.000

Arrive & Drive Kids:

  • 15 mins (LR4) – OMR 8.000
  • 10 mins (Baby Karts) – OMR 6.000



For Corporate Mini Grand Prix & Corporate Events:

A race derived for team building activity between employees or a large group.

The Mini GP Race Format consists of 3 karting sessions; a qualifications session, Race 1 session and Race 2 (Finale).

  • The Mini GP race format is customized depending on the number of participants. Note: minimum 10 participants
  • To inquire on the Mini GP rates, please call +968 2451 0239 or +968 9659 0300.



  • OMR 2.000 is paid for registration – valid for one year.
  • New drivers – residents of Oman – must show their ID or Driving Licence at the reception, and non-Omani residents to show their passport.
  • The minimum age for children participating is 5 years old. Between 5 and 8 years old are provided with the Baby Karts.
  • Between 8 and 12 years old, the LR4 karts are provided.
  • Minimum height for participants, adults or children is 110 cm.
  • Adults participating for the first time are provided with the Dino-type karts.
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